PM Modi's 'Tika Utsav' goes flat in Kurnool with no vaccines

Monday, 12 Apr, 12.11 am

KURNOOL: Kurnool recorded its 500th Covid-19 death on Sunday, ironically on the day its entire stock of vaccines dried up. Not even a single vial is available, said District Medical and Health Officer Dr. Rama Giddaiah.

Strangely, the day was observed as 'Tika Utsav' as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. There were just 6,190 doses, which were given on Sunday, before announcing the closure of the drive on the day, as no more vaccines were available, said an official. Even the Kurnool General Hospital, which had 760 doses of Covishield, was asked to dispense the same to urban primary health care centre, a doctor pointed out.