Parties wooing adivasis for winning Adilabad rural ZPTC seat

Monday, 12 Apr, 1.34 am

ADILABAD: The TRS, the BJP and the Congress are focusing on adivasi votes as a valuable input for winning the Adilabad rural ZPTC seat.

All these parties have intensified their campaign following the news that the government would issue the election notification for the poll within the week.

To boost the ruling party's chances, some adivasis of Mangli and Vanvat villages have been given the TRS party membership at a public event in the presence of local MLA Jogu Ramanna on Sunday.

Congress party leaders are highlighting the backwardness of the Adivasi gudems, where there is less of road connectivity, as also electricity connections and drinking water facilities, as they address meetings at various Adivasi gudems in the constituency.